Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where is Rebecca finding all of these classics

Q: Why did Frosty go and live in the middle
of the ocean?

A: Because snowman is an island!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Whats been happening?

The yankees won the world series. I was at the playoffs and it was pretty exciting. Maybe not quite the world cup final but the atmosphere was fun. I jumped up from my seat at one point and told some guy to shove it. He was chugging beer - the crowd was chanting 'chug, chug, chug, chug' and then the people would down an entire beer, to the chanting spectators. After this one guy did it, he ran and got another beer. His eagerness, combined with his his over playing to the situation, combined with the crowd mentality and short attention span resulted in him being booed wildly.

After the Yankees won the world series - New York New York was played at the bar that I was at. It felt amazing with all of those people. Then we went to to Union Square and stopped taxis in the middle of the streets, banged on the doors of passing cars, and some people even jumped on trucks. It wasnt as exciting as when the Giants won the superbowl as the world series is a much more drawn out affair. It is just interesting the way that the crowd rules. One policeman stopped the whole crowd though - I guess he did have a gun though.

At the yankees victory parade, the team went through the streets on buses, it was a tickertape parade - which by the way is incredible - especially in NY with the high buildings. Thank god I didn't have to clean up though. But the crowd was being stopped by the cops and barriers. At one point we did just break down the fences and run for it.

If you are interested in the crowd mentality I would recommend that you should definitely read the book 'Among the Thugs' by Bill Buford.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contributor Rebecca Guinness reflects on the great horse 'Sea the Stars'

I witnessed the crowning of a great champion last Sunday on a small screen in a field in Westmeath, Ireland. The runners for the next race at the Point to Point circled the paddock unnoticed as all of Ireland (and most of England I should think) stopped dead to watch The Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe in Longchamp and Sea the Stars do what no other horse has ever done - win a sweep of 6 Group 1 races including the Derby, the 2000 Guineas as well as the great French race. For the owner Christopher Tsui who had been given the horse by his parents to encourage his enthusiasm for racing it must have been like writing his masterpiece with his first breath. His father, Hong Kong based businessman David Tsui had tasted the same glory with his dam Urban Sea in 1993 who was also the mother of the great 2001 Derby winner Galileo.

Anyone who watched the race must have felt their pulse quicken as they watched Sea the Stars seemingly trapped behind the pacemakers as they entered the final straight with the filly Stacelita making a break for the lead but suddenly his 50 year old jockey Mick Kinane, who by his own admission wouldn't still be riding had this horse not come along, saw the gap he was looking for and strode forward showing an incredible change in pace. As his trainer John Oxx commented "Mick would not panic because this horse has the gears”. After the race it was interesting to note that the owner’s nationality was overlooked and it was the Irish National Anthem that was played – fitting I suppose since it was after all a very Irish victory with the horse, trainer and jockey all hailing from the emerald isle.

The next decision for the team is whether they will take him to California in November for the Breeder’s Cup. To prove himself against the best that the US has to offer would surely make him the horse of the century and reinvigorate the enthusiasm of race goers all around the world. I for one would be on the stands of Santa Anita cheering on this “perfection in equine form”.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has Federer lost his edge?

So the man from Switzerland as won two grand slams this year and been to the final of the other two. Not bad for any player to be able to do that.

But in Federer's loss to Del Potro - he had chances to finish it off in the fourth set, which he failed to do. I am sure the Federer of old wouldn't have allowed that. Instead he let the hungrier Del Potro win through his sheer force of will and size of shot.

After the match, Federer seemed almost happy, and almost happy for Del Potro. He was seen saying that Del Potro 'deserved it'. Strange for a man who is desperate to cement his legacy as the 'best of all time'.

It is also in stark contrast to the end of the Australian open where he cried after losing, and that was less than 12 months ago. There could be reasons for that; such as Federer's frustration is his rivalry with Nadal.

But Federer's recently aqquired status as a father seems to have made him mellow. He seems more at peace with the world. This isn't good I say, we can't be made to sit through see our sports players with no fight in them.

People only ever get to the top through immense dedication and desire. It seems a shame to see Roger resigned to not winning them all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Exciting sporting moments this week.

Serena Williams went absolutely mental and threatened to shove a ball down the throat of a small female Asian line judge with her racket, after having been given a foot against her. Unbelieveably this happened on match point so she lost the game after a penalty point, unfortunate for the defending champion.

here is some of the action

Also - Manchester city football player Adebbayor also went a little crazy this week. He was playing against arsenal - his old football team, and he tried to stamp on some of his former team mates. After scoring the winning goal, instead of not celebrating (a custom normally adhered to by players when scoring in their former employees), Adebayor runs the entire length of the pitch to celebrate infront of the Arsenal fans. This caused a semi riot.

Hardly sports - but Kanye's outburst for the Beyonce video also lacked some class.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello sports fans.

I once read a book (very recently) called 'letters to a young poet' which was sent to me by a very kind and thoughtful friend in Los Angeles. The book was a series of letters (you would never believe) to a young poet on how to fulfill his artistic potential as a writer. Enjoyable and elegant as the letters were, I wouldn't help but notice how half of the letters were devoted to the subject of elegantly phrasing excuses for not having written sooner. This is not the style that I wish to use while writing my sports blog so I from now on will not apologize for my far too infrequent updates of this blog.

What a summer it has been though and I hope that you too have been keeping tabs on what has been happening. From an unknown Korean upsetting the great Tiger Woods at the US open, to England winning the ashes, Usain Bolt running faster than the scientists could predict to the 16-14 final set at the wimbledon final.

As I was writing this blog I was not sure as to what the subject was to be but I see it all to clearly now. It is the unknown.

Sports is truly the ultimate unwritten theatre. Even as a small boy I was always obsessed with stadia, and it is only in my later life that I have begun to understand why that is. Despite the fact that on every corner there is a famous relic, no buildings capture the imagination more in Rome than the coliseum and the circus maximus. There were no amphitheatres built in that great empire to show theatrical productions that could compare with the size of these buildings. Why is this we ask?

If not one person was to attend a film that was showing in a theatre - it would always be the same. If the actors in a play were in very different moods from night to night - the plot would never change. But thousand of people turn up to watch sporting event (many thousands more than would fit in a the worlds largest theatre) to see what will happen.

Sports are unwritten scripts that unfold before the eyes of the public. The reason that the bookies make so much money is that noone knows the outcome and people love to visualise, but the reality is always so much stranger. Even the most celebrated gladiator dies, the greatest team sometimes looses, golf balls hit in an identical fashion lie many yards apart.

The unknown draws people in, and spits people out and leaves the back pages of the mornings newspapers to recollect the action.

Without sports my life would be far easier - I would no longer have to worry that my beloved Manchester United would perhaps lose. But where would be the fun if we all know what was going to happen.

Thank you all for reading,

Love always


Friday, July 24, 2009


So despite the fact that Manchester United lost in the champions league final - it still seems that people still love them. In Korea so many people are trying to get near the players that the fans are charged just to watch them train. The striker Berbatov likened playing for Manchester United to being in the Beatles. It seems that no longer are football players the working mans heroes but they are athletes who are hidden behind closed doors and protected for their own protection.

What do they do? Who are they? Well I have read a few of their autobiographies and it seems as though the modern day footballer just relaxes at home and in the words of Wayne Rooney 'watches DVD's'. This is of course when they are not on official functions, but when they are it is not really possible for the fan to get close to their heroes, other then perhaps the odd autograph.

But what is it that Wayne Rooney is really thinking? What does he think about Cristiano Ronaldo going to Madrid. Well I know. And I know because of Twitter. With twitter one can follow people, for example millions of people follow Ashton Kutcher and his life with Demi Moore. They say that Twitter helped Barack Obama get elected through simply updating what people are doing when they want to.

My twitter account is a homage to sportsmen of all walks of life. Whenever Gerrard, Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Andy Murray, Ronaldo want to share something that they are feeling - I am there to get the message. I know that Wayne Rooney has been in contact with Ronaldo since, and that he has faith in Sir Alex, and he's enjoying training etc etc etc.

I also followed Andy Murray during Wimbledon and he was talking of his preparations and how he was going to go to sleep and what he was eating, when he was going on jogs, even when he was pranking around. Sadly he didn't get to the final and his 'tweets' were significantly reduced by his dissapointment, but in some ways it was interesting to hear what someone who seemingly has zero personality gets up to.

Perhaps this is useless information, but twitter also gives you a chance to message these people. Its not like Steven Gerrard gives out his email address to people, not even those kids whose bedrooms are a shrine to Liverpool (god forgive their souls). But the kids can have a chance to email them with Twitter. There is even a chance that the athletes will email them back, especially if they email them enough.

I was desperate that Andy Murray should drink coconut water, I twittered him throughout Wimbledon, sadly I don't think that he got the message and he couldn't deal with Roddick either.

Infact I think that there is going to be a rorys sports twitter.

Love you all


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why did Manchester United lose the Champions League?

Still no club has won the Champions League twice in a row. Manchester United should be proud of coming so close but it was not to be. Barcelona were great and I guess that they deserved it.

So where did it all go wrong for Manchester United. One of the main problems were the errors. Manchester United simply didn't play as well as they can. Vidic who has been player of the season was the one who missed Eto'o! Evra's mistake led to the second goal. It is had to criticise these players as they have been so good for Manchester over the years.

Manchester were playing well at the start, but after Vidic made the mistake it allowed Barcelona to maintain possesion. Everyone knows that Barcelona love to do this. Even when they took corners they would pass it back rather than cross it in the hope of scoring.

This is all very well, but Manchester panicked and then chased the ball. The reason that Chelsea got the better of Barcelona was that they just sat back and waited for Barcelona to play into the danger areas and took the ball of them. Because of the eagerness of Manchester to win and the fact that they fell behind, they chased and tried to get the ball back and then opened up a lot of spaces.

The other error of tactics from the manager was the introduction of Berbatov. I have no complaints about a manager who has brought 11 league titles, but this time he got it wrong. I can understand the idea of wanting to attack more, but having 4 strikers is not attacking. The attack comes through the team, from the defense up, it can even start from the goalkeeper. For a team that was getting overrun in midfield, one cant afford to have 4 strikers. After that Barcelona were free to do as they liked as Berbatov is hardly going to win back the ball.

In the end the time of possession was fairly even, and Ryan Giggs felt that Manchester had more chances, but it was just not their day. Congratulations though to Barcelona, it is very difficult to win the trophy, even though they won in very dubious circumstances against Chelsea - to win the European cup takes a lot of good fortune as well as skill. Also congratulations to their midfield of Xavi and Iniesta who were absolutely superb, but it will be a different story next year we hope.

The thing about sports is that someone has to lose. There can only be one winner. Fortunately in life things are not so absolute.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Messi the best of all time?

Someone has finally said it. Antonio Cassano the gifted Italian footballer has been the first one to come out and say it. I know that one of the recent entries to this blog has tried to identify some flaws in Messi-dona, but the truth of the matter is that he is a a phenom.

I have speculated on this subject before Cassano, but when his comments came out recently they did not even raise too many eyebrows. Of course it is impossible to know who is the best - Pele has been retired for many years as has Maradona. Messi has not even won anything, no world cups, no Champions leagues (barring the one that he was injured for), however his level of performances may be of a greater level than we have ever before seen.

When Mill House rose to prominence in the 1960's - people had never before seen a horse like him, he was massive and dark, and was miles better than all the other horses at the time. There is little doubt that he would have probably gone down as the greatest chaser of all time. Sadly for his legacy, Arkle emerged very soon after. They had many titanic battles that were contested miles ahead of the field - but Arkle always won.

We will never know how Messi would have done against these great football players of yesteryear. People say that Roger Federer is arguably the best tennis player of all time. He doesn't look like it now that Nadal has arrived. And they say that he has to win more titles than anyone else. So people say that Pete Sampras is still the greatest. But at some point in his career Sampras had only won a few grand slams, we didn't know he was 'the best ever', someone may have speculated it at the time though.

And so this is me speculating that Messi may be the best ever. I personally dont believe it, but I have never seen such close control. Messi attributes it to when he was a child he was so small that he had to keep the ball close at all times.

For those of you who don't even know who he is!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Police have confirmed......

that two Premiership
footballers have had their houses burgled
on the same night last Tuesday.

Ryan Giggs had 70 welsh caps, 11 premiership
medals, 2 champions league medals, 5 FA cup
medals, 1 league cup medal, 2 world club
cup medals, 8 charity shield medals and 1
super cup medal stolen.

Emmanuel Adebayor lost a kettle and a toaster.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is Messi a choke artist?

Some would have you believe that the ballon d'or has already been decided for this year. And the winner goes to - Messi.

For thise of us that have been watching the game it has been astonishing to see 'the flea' consistently running around defenders with the ball attached to his feet. He scores a lot - not as much as his strikers but when he is at he is at his best it is a thing to watch.

He has been doing this against teams in Spain. For years Spain dominated the UEFA cup and people thought that this prooved the Spanish league was strong thoughout, perhaps it was, but the simple fact is that where were the Spanish teams this year? Certainly not in the latter stages of the UEFA!

The only other player that can realistically challenge him for the title of the worlds best player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has lived with the label of 'choke artist' for years. Despite scoring in the Champions league final and in all the big matches so far this season. So the question falls - what the hell happened to Messi against Chelsea? What happened to him in the last Copa America final? Where was he during Argentina's 6-1 humiliation at the hands of Bolivia recently? Perhaps he is a choke artist afterall, because it seems that when the tough gets going - Messi goes - literally.

This could all be speculation, and there is no bigger match then the one coming up against Manchester United in the final of the champions league. Perhaps there we will discover who the real choke artist is...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What are the best sports websites?

If I could only live with one source of news - it would obviously be the BBC. They are independently funded and are much more neutral. As the BBC is British though they tend mainly to talk about things that Britain is involved in. But to their credit, things are from a neutral background.

As a fan of Manchester United, I do love a read of, however their coverage is so one sided. How is it possible to wax lyrical over the team after they have just managed a tedious 0-0 draw? Somehow they find they way to do that. So if for example one wants to hear great things about the St Louis Cardinals; go to as they are trying to sell them tickets. It is enjoyable to hear things from your clubs perspective to ease the pain.

I do have to say that I think that the espn website is pretty good. It is not that they have any storied that others dont have. It is just that they have well written blogs from people that have attended the events.

In the UK I know of this one writer called 'Simon Barnes', and he writes for the Times and also his own books. His style of writing is very poetical and constantly draws metaphors to real life from what he has learned from sporting encounters. His prose are so lyrical and smooth that one is almost astonished to find these pieces in the sports section at all. This is a trend that I have found that is growing thoughout sports journalism for some reason. this is an example that i have not even bothered to read.

My last mention will be to This is a great website as my love for soccer is so extreme. But it is a good example of a niche website. It only deals in football and covers every single possible story that there is out there. They can take one players interview and turn it into 3 different stories. Their writers are probably turning out over 50 stories a day but at least nothing gets missed. I am sure that they have these websites in some capacity for most sports.

The real answer as with everything is that balance is the answer. It is nice to have a broad section of sources to draw upon. I feel that even roryssports is important so as that nothing of importance can ever get missed.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Manchester United's best team to play Porto?

Whatever happened in Manchester for the first leg must be forgotten. It was a poor result and an even poorer performance. Whatever happens, Manchester know that they can still qualify. Such is the number of quality players in the squad that it is hard to know who is the best, what one does know though is that players of late have not been performing. I do not want to point fingers but some players have not been performing such as Paul Scholes, John O'Shea and Darren Fletcher.

Of course one has to go for Van Der Sar, Vidic and Ferdinand to form the defense. Although I am completely sold on Jonny Evans - one cannot go against these three who between them have been more responsible for United's recent success then anyone else. Oh how Manchester miss Wes Brown, but I would just about put Rafael in there at right back to give the enthusiasm of youth. On the left, hopefully Evra can rediscover his form although I am at a loss as to why Fabio is not ever given a chance, he has done nothing wrong and has been scoring goals for fun in the reserves - something that isnt in Evra's repetoire.

Left wing - I shall say Park for his experience although I am tempted to say Anderson to ad bite. Carrick obviously is automatic as he is responsible for making the team tick. Along side him - Giggsy has it all. He is creative, fast, holds possesion and is very experienced to put it mildly. Obviously world player of the year Ronaldo,, who was specifically rested on the weekend, will play on the right.

Up front - why not try Macheda? At least he has been scoring. Perhaps the place will go to Berbatov but I would be tempted to give the lad a go. I cant understand why Macheda has jumped above Welbeck in the pecking order, I find it a little unfair as its not like he has done anything but play amazingly, it is not his fault that the press hasn't latched onto him because he wasn't plucked somewhat unfairly from Lazio youth. Of course Rooney has to play as he is the Talisman, and forms the dynamic duo with Ronaldo.

Whatever happens, the team is good enough to win, even though it may be in Portugal. If Manchester do not win then I am sure that Arsenal will beat Porto in the semi finals.

Van Der Sar

Rafael Ferdinand Vidic Evra

Ronaldo Carrick Giggs Park

Berbatov Rooney

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is golf a sport?

I mean how many people move into retirement and then start playing rugby? The answer is not many, if any. We all know that to the average person, golf starts seeming like a pretty good fun when you are nearing 80. There are many notable examples of this - with the late John D Rockefeller pioneering this trend after he had finished with his standard oil developments.

So what one is saying is that golf does not require the level of athleticism that other sports do. I am not saying that it is not utterly exhausting to play a round of golf- but one could just about get away with chain smoking cigarettes and still make it round.

But it does require athleticism - indeed - when one is too old one cannot compete with the younger players. This is why they have set up the senior tour for the older players. It is no coincidence that Tiger Woods can hit the ball further than everyone and is the best in the world.

The other thing about golf is that one is really competeing against the elements and oneself. The person who may be ones closest rival in a tournament may be half a mile away all week. This does seem to suggest that golf is more of an individual pursuit than a sport.

Also I have heard people argue that there is no real danger in golf. This is not 100% true though for people are always getting injured, and of course the first thing that one learns on a golf course is the meaning of 'FORE'.

Either way it seems clear that golf is here to stay as people seem to be absolutely obsessed with it for better or worse. People who argue that competitive golf is not a sport dont really frequent the course.

I personally love a good round now and again but as Mark Twain one stated "golf is a good way to ruin a walk", it is clear that not everyone feels the same way.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Do other animals play sports?

I was having a dinner conversation with a far more literate person than I last night, she was saying how humans are the only animals that play games. I pursued this argument with much fervour. It is true that humans are the only ones that actually write out the rules of games - but humans are the only animals that can write.

Perhaps humans have more complex games based on strategy and deception, in games such as poker. Animals use deception in nature all of the time, with devices such as camoflage. It is true that this has an evolutionary purpose, but it shows how deception is rife within nature.

Anyone who has dogs soon realises, once you teach the game of 'fetch' to your animal - it is hard to get them to want to stop. Dolphins seem to spend most of their time playing below the waves. All animals seem to have a need to play, even if the animals are unaware consciously of the games that they are playing. Horses would not jump large obstacles unless they wanted to. Once an animal is aware of the game he is more than willing to play and learn.

So I propose that if animals could understand - then they would be filling up the stadiums also. Our enjoyment of sports is related to our love of play and perhaps that is something instinctive. It must be as sports have been around since man has been around, in every culture and every walk of life.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is the love?

My sincerest appologies to all of the people who have been checking 'Rory's Sports'. For many reasons it has not been updated at all recently. The main problem is that there have been so many amazing sports to follow that I have been selfish and have been just keeping them all to myself.

I mean the world of sports is a non-stop rollercoaster, it just keeps on going. If the rollercoaster never stopped then where would be the time to reflect and write my blog. For example - my main passion is soccer, and one only gets 2 months off a year over the summer! But whats more is that there is often a summer competition (such as the world cup), there is preseason, and other countries all over the world have their own soccer leagues playing in the summer (such as the USA). So when one understands that every sport is being played at all hours of everyday- then where does one get a break.

I can assure you though that I will be reflecting on some of the things that I have been following shortly, as the absence has not been due to lack of love for the blog, it has been for love of the sports.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for reflection

Have you ever find we sometimes ask ourselves what has been happening? Or perhaps even - what has not been happening? Or even what should have been happening? Or perhaps even none of those things, but when it comes down to sports, noone ever knows what is going to happen.

One day, SuperBowl sunday it was, in the early winter of 2009, a man gets out of bed in England. He was happy to be in England. As he put on his riding britches he reflected on the uncertainty of what was to happen. As he turned up to the race - thoughts were racing through his mind as to how he was to take each fence, the uncertainty of how he would perform. When he was told that the race was cancelled as he went to take his horse out of the lorry his face fell in disbelief. Unfortunately the ground was too hard for the race but that was the only thing that had not crossed his mind as to what may happen.

Instead he went to watch the Australian open on television. As Nadal hugged the crying Federer, could anyone have predicted that Nadal would even have arrived in that situation having beaten the man that they thought was the greatest?

And for the second year the Superbowl was decided in the final throws.

It just shows for better or for worse, like life like in sports, you never know what is going to happen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Failure of Big Phil

Considering the fact that Chelsea got rid of a manager that had just got them to their first Champions League final, the new manager was going to have to be something special. Avram Grant had even managed to catch up with Manchester United and almost pip them to the title, so it would probably take a world cup winner to make any improvement, and a world cup winner they got in the form of popular Brazilian coach Scolari.

Often with new management the team remains playing the same way that they were for a few months before the changes are fully implimented. And Chelsea continued their fine form which saw them to the final of Europe's premium competition. However recently things have fallen apart and Chelsea are flagging in their title challenge.

It must be stressed that Chelsea are still in the top 4 and they have a great goal difference, so they are not doing all that badly. Unfortunately, with such large amounts of money involved only first will do.

Whoever comes in for the long term must understand that this is a no win situation. Even Abramovic must be regretting getting rid of Avram Grant - a manager who seemed to get the best out of his egotistical players, while presumably still adhering to his meddling ownership.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Disappointment of Kaka

Alas it wasn't to be so. AC Milan did not sell their star player to Manchester City. I cannot believe that people were making such a big deal about it. To have a player like Kaka in the EPL can only be a good thing. And the value of something is however much someone is willing to pay for something. AC Milan were crazy not to take the money although I think that the figures may have been slightly exaggurated.

I put all of the blame for this deal falling through on David Beckham. Everyone was giving their opinion and who did he listen to - obviously Beckham. Kaka wants to be like Beckham and Beckham wants to be like Kaka. Kaka will never have what Beckham has and his narrow minded outlook is poor. If the Arabs want to create a Brazilian super team in the North East then go for it. It is a risk but could make Kaka into a legend. That being said the team in AC Milan is practically like that anyway.

But for Beckham to say there is only one team in Manchester he is wrong. People support teams through the internet and on television. I say this as a Manchester United fan.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Superbowl Predictions

Alex Desailly of Filippa Law
Eagles beating the Steelers

Gian Carlo the fantasy football champion
Pittsburg beats the Cardinals

Stos of Roosevelt Island
Pittsburg Beats Eagles

Rory Of Roryssports
Baltimore beats the Cardinals

Monday, January 12, 2009

Prediction Results

I have to appologize - the weekends results did not in fact go as I predicted.

Each year millions and millions are wagered on sports results and very few make any money at this at all. Infact the only guaranteed winners are the actual bookmakers. So addictive is this gambling vice that actual sportsmen get hooked. For example Michael Owen of Newcastle and England had a terrible habit, as did Wayne Rooney.

So much money is to be won that people have been found guilty of staging results. The entire Italian football empire was almost brought down when it was discovered that with the help of the referees they had been fixing matches.

The reason that it is so had to predict matches is down to the large amount of luck that is involved. If a boxer gets caught with one lucky punch then he may well lose to an unfavoured opponent. The term 'any given Sunday' has been coined to reflect the unpredictablity of sports. If 2 football teams were to play - the score after a few days might be 100 goals to 1. However after 90 minutes on any sunday, the worse team may score the 1 goal first and the other team may not have scored their 100 goals yet.

So to my predictions. I suggested that the Tennessee Titans were to win the superbowl - they have just lost to the Ravens. I appologise for this and hope that noone used my tip. It should be pointed out though that my prediction was based on the quality of running back Chris Johnson, unfortunately he was injured in the first half and the team significantly disimproved. But it highlights the luck that is involved in winning a match

I was also wrong on the score of the Manchester United match against Chelsea, but only by a late goal from Berbatov.

Are there any predictions that you have for any sporting results this year

as always



Saturday, January 10, 2009

Relegation Predictions

West Brom, Hull and Stoke


Manchester United 2 - 0 Chelsea

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who will win the Superbowl?

Few can forget the victory of the Giants last year that resulted from dramatic last minute touchdown. What made this allthe more incredible is that if all the teams that made it to the playoffs, they had one of the worst records and they played every game on the road. They even played an unbeaten team to win the trophy

What this implies is that it is almost impossible to predict who is actually going to win. But it is always worth a shot even if I wouldnt bet on my predictions.

Of the teams remaining - Arizona, Pilidelphia and San Diego have the worst records and I have to say that I dont think they can make it. For example, despite Kurt Waners career year - it will probably be too hard a task as his team has weaknessees like a poor defence.

New York are certainly one of the favorites but I think that without Umeniora and Strahan, their defense isnt as powerful as it once was. Pittsburg are good but have been beaten notibly by a few teams such as the giants. Carolina lack power.

I am going to say that Tennessee will win. Chris Johnson is remarkably quick and I think they will take it.

My dream would be for Baltimore to win but despits winning on the road against Miami, they are much stronger at the M&T stadium.