Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What are the best sports websites?

If I could only live with one source of news - it would obviously be the BBC. They are independently funded and are much more neutral. As the BBC is British though they tend mainly to talk about things that Britain is involved in. But to their credit, things are from a neutral background.

As a fan of Manchester United, I do love a read of, however their coverage is so one sided. How is it possible to wax lyrical over the team after they have just managed a tedious 0-0 draw? Somehow they find they way to do that. So if for example one wants to hear great things about the St Louis Cardinals; go to as they are trying to sell them tickets. It is enjoyable to hear things from your clubs perspective to ease the pain.

I do have to say that I think that the espn website is pretty good. It is not that they have any storied that others dont have. It is just that they have well written blogs from people that have attended the events.

In the UK I know of this one writer called 'Simon Barnes', and he writes for the Times and also his own books. His style of writing is very poetical and constantly draws metaphors to real life from what he has learned from sporting encounters. His prose are so lyrical and smooth that one is almost astonished to find these pieces in the sports section at all. This is a trend that I have found that is growing thoughout sports journalism for some reason. this is an example that i have not even bothered to read.

My last mention will be to This is a great website as my love for soccer is so extreme. But it is a good example of a niche website. It only deals in football and covers every single possible story that there is out there. They can take one players interview and turn it into 3 different stories. Their writers are probably turning out over 50 stories a day but at least nothing gets missed. I am sure that they have these websites in some capacity for most sports.

The real answer as with everything is that balance is the answer. It is nice to have a broad section of sources to draw upon. I feel that even roryssports is important so as that nothing of importance can ever get missed.



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