Monday, November 9, 2009

Whats been happening?

The yankees won the world series. I was at the playoffs and it was pretty exciting. Maybe not quite the world cup final but the atmosphere was fun. I jumped up from my seat at one point and told some guy to shove it. He was chugging beer - the crowd was chanting 'chug, chug, chug, chug' and then the people would down an entire beer, to the chanting spectators. After this one guy did it, he ran and got another beer. His eagerness, combined with his his over playing to the situation, combined with the crowd mentality and short attention span resulted in him being booed wildly.

After the Yankees won the world series - New York New York was played at the bar that I was at. It felt amazing with all of those people. Then we went to to Union Square and stopped taxis in the middle of the streets, banged on the doors of passing cars, and some people even jumped on trucks. It wasnt as exciting as when the Giants won the superbowl as the world series is a much more drawn out affair. It is just interesting the way that the crowd rules. One policeman stopped the whole crowd though - I guess he did have a gun though.

At the yankees victory parade, the team went through the streets on buses, it was a tickertape parade - which by the way is incredible - especially in NY with the high buildings. Thank god I didn't have to clean up though. But the crowd was being stopped by the cops and barriers. At one point we did just break down the fences and run for it.

If you are interested in the crowd mentality I would recommend that you should definitely read the book 'Among the Thugs' by Bill Buford.