Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for reflection

Have you ever find we sometimes ask ourselves what has been happening? Or perhaps even - what has not been happening? Or even what should have been happening? Or perhaps even none of those things, but when it comes down to sports, noone ever knows what is going to happen.

One day, SuperBowl sunday it was, in the early winter of 2009, a man gets out of bed in England. He was happy to be in England. As he put on his riding britches he reflected on the uncertainty of what was to happen. As he turned up to the race - thoughts were racing through his mind as to how he was to take each fence, the uncertainty of how he would perform. When he was told that the race was cancelled as he went to take his horse out of the lorry his face fell in disbelief. Unfortunately the ground was too hard for the race but that was the only thing that had not crossed his mind as to what may happen.

Instead he went to watch the Australian open on television. As Nadal hugged the crying Federer, could anyone have predicted that Nadal would even have arrived in that situation having beaten the man that they thought was the greatest?

And for the second year the Superbowl was decided in the final throws.

It just shows for better or for worse, like life like in sports, you never know what is going to happen.

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