Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello sports fans.

I once read a book (very recently) called 'letters to a young poet' which was sent to me by a very kind and thoughtful friend in Los Angeles. The book was a series of letters (you would never believe) to a young poet on how to fulfill his artistic potential as a writer. Enjoyable and elegant as the letters were, I wouldn't help but notice how half of the letters were devoted to the subject of elegantly phrasing excuses for not having written sooner. This is not the style that I wish to use while writing my sports blog so I from now on will not apologize for my far too infrequent updates of this blog.

What a summer it has been though and I hope that you too have been keeping tabs on what has been happening. From an unknown Korean upsetting the great Tiger Woods at the US open, to England winning the ashes, Usain Bolt running faster than the scientists could predict to the 16-14 final set at the wimbledon final.

As I was writing this blog I was not sure as to what the subject was to be but I see it all to clearly now. It is the unknown.

Sports is truly the ultimate unwritten theatre. Even as a small boy I was always obsessed with stadia, and it is only in my later life that I have begun to understand why that is. Despite the fact that on every corner there is a famous relic, no buildings capture the imagination more in Rome than the coliseum and the circus maximus. There were no amphitheatres built in that great empire to show theatrical productions that could compare with the size of these buildings. Why is this we ask?

If not one person was to attend a film that was showing in a theatre - it would always be the same. If the actors in a play were in very different moods from night to night - the plot would never change. But thousand of people turn up to watch sporting event (many thousands more than would fit in a the worlds largest theatre) to see what will happen.

Sports are unwritten scripts that unfold before the eyes of the public. The reason that the bookies make so much money is that noone knows the outcome and people love to visualise, but the reality is always so much stranger. Even the most celebrated gladiator dies, the greatest team sometimes looses, golf balls hit in an identical fashion lie many yards apart.

The unknown draws people in, and spits people out and leaves the back pages of the mornings newspapers to recollect the action.

Without sports my life would be far easier - I would no longer have to worry that my beloved Manchester United would perhaps lose. But where would be the fun if we all know what was going to happen.

Thank you all for reading,

Love always