Monday, January 12, 2009

Prediction Results

I have to appologize - the weekends results did not in fact go as I predicted.

Each year millions and millions are wagered on sports results and very few make any money at this at all. Infact the only guaranteed winners are the actual bookmakers. So addictive is this gambling vice that actual sportsmen get hooked. For example Michael Owen of Newcastle and England had a terrible habit, as did Wayne Rooney.

So much money is to be won that people have been found guilty of staging results. The entire Italian football empire was almost brought down when it was discovered that with the help of the referees they had been fixing matches.

The reason that it is so had to predict matches is down to the large amount of luck that is involved. If a boxer gets caught with one lucky punch then he may well lose to an unfavoured opponent. The term 'any given Sunday' has been coined to reflect the unpredictablity of sports. If 2 football teams were to play - the score after a few days might be 100 goals to 1. However after 90 minutes on any sunday, the worse team may score the 1 goal first and the other team may not have scored their 100 goals yet.

So to my predictions. I suggested that the Tennessee Titans were to win the superbowl - they have just lost to the Ravens. I appologise for this and hope that noone used my tip. It should be pointed out though that my prediction was based on the quality of running back Chris Johnson, unfortunately he was injured in the first half and the team significantly disimproved. But it highlights the luck that is involved in winning a match

I was also wrong on the score of the Manchester United match against Chelsea, but only by a late goal from Berbatov.

Are there any predictions that you have for any sporting results this year

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