Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Failure of Big Phil

Considering the fact that Chelsea got rid of a manager that had just got them to their first Champions League final, the new manager was going to have to be something special. Avram Grant had even managed to catch up with Manchester United and almost pip them to the title, so it would probably take a world cup winner to make any improvement, and a world cup winner they got in the form of popular Brazilian coach Scolari.

Often with new management the team remains playing the same way that they were for a few months before the changes are fully implimented. And Chelsea continued their fine form which saw them to the final of Europe's premium competition. However recently things have fallen apart and Chelsea are flagging in their title challenge.

It must be stressed that Chelsea are still in the top 4 and they have a great goal difference, so they are not doing all that badly. Unfortunately, with such large amounts of money involved only first will do.

Whoever comes in for the long term must understand that this is a no win situation. Even Abramovic must be regretting getting rid of Avram Grant - a manager who seemed to get the best out of his egotistical players, while presumably still adhering to his meddling ownership.

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