Monday, September 14, 2009

Exciting sporting moments this week.

Serena Williams went absolutely mental and threatened to shove a ball down the throat of a small female Asian line judge with her racket, after having been given a foot against her. Unbelieveably this happened on match point so she lost the game after a penalty point, unfortunate for the defending champion.

here is some of the action

Also - Manchester city football player Adebbayor also went a little crazy this week. He was playing against arsenal - his old football team, and he tried to stamp on some of his former team mates. After scoring the winning goal, instead of not celebrating (a custom normally adhered to by players when scoring in their former employees), Adebayor runs the entire length of the pitch to celebrate infront of the Arsenal fans. This caused a semi riot.

Hardly sports - but Kanye's outburst for the Beyonce video also lacked some class.

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