Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is the love?

My sincerest appologies to all of the people who have been checking 'Rory's Sports'. For many reasons it has not been updated at all recently. The main problem is that there have been so many amazing sports to follow that I have been selfish and have been just keeping them all to myself.

I mean the world of sports is a non-stop rollercoaster, it just keeps on going. If the rollercoaster never stopped then where would be the time to reflect and write my blog. For example - my main passion is soccer, and one only gets 2 months off a year over the summer! But whats more is that there is often a summer competition (such as the world cup), there is preseason, and other countries all over the world have their own soccer leagues playing in the summer (such as the USA). So when one understands that every sport is being played at all hours of everyday- then where does one get a break.

I can assure you though that I will be reflecting on some of the things that I have been following shortly, as the absence has not been due to lack of love for the blog, it has been for love of the sports.


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