Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Disappointment of Kaka

Alas it wasn't to be so. AC Milan did not sell their star player to Manchester City. I cannot believe that people were making such a big deal about it. To have a player like Kaka in the EPL can only be a good thing. And the value of something is however much someone is willing to pay for something. AC Milan were crazy not to take the money although I think that the figures may have been slightly exaggurated.

I put all of the blame for this deal falling through on David Beckham. Everyone was giving their opinion and who did he listen to - obviously Beckham. Kaka wants to be like Beckham and Beckham wants to be like Kaka. Kaka will never have what Beckham has and his narrow minded outlook is poor. If the Arabs want to create a Brazilian super team in the North East then go for it. It is a risk but could make Kaka into a legend. That being said the team in AC Milan is practically like that anyway.

But for Beckham to say there is only one team in Manchester he is wrong. People support teams through the internet and on television. I say this as a Manchester United fan.

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