Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has Federer lost his edge?

So the man from Switzerland as won two grand slams this year and been to the final of the other two. Not bad for any player to be able to do that.

But in Federer's loss to Del Potro - he had chances to finish it off in the fourth set, which he failed to do. I am sure the Federer of old wouldn't have allowed that. Instead he let the hungrier Del Potro win through his sheer force of will and size of shot.

After the match, Federer seemed almost happy, and almost happy for Del Potro. He was seen saying that Del Potro 'deserved it'. Strange for a man who is desperate to cement his legacy as the 'best of all time'.

It is also in stark contrast to the end of the Australian open where he cried after losing, and that was less than 12 months ago. There could be reasons for that; such as Federer's frustration is his rivalry with Nadal.

But Federer's recently aqquired status as a father seems to have made him mellow. He seems more at peace with the world. This isn't good I say, we can't be made to sit through see our sports players with no fight in them.

People only ever get to the top through immense dedication and desire. It seems a shame to see Roger resigned to not winning them all.

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