Friday, May 15, 2009

Is Messi a choke artist?

Some would have you believe that the ballon d'or has already been decided for this year. And the winner goes to - Messi.

For thise of us that have been watching the game it has been astonishing to see 'the flea' consistently running around defenders with the ball attached to his feet. He scores a lot - not as much as his strikers but when he is at he is at his best it is a thing to watch.

He has been doing this against teams in Spain. For years Spain dominated the UEFA cup and people thought that this prooved the Spanish league was strong thoughout, perhaps it was, but the simple fact is that where were the Spanish teams this year? Certainly not in the latter stages of the UEFA!

The only other player that can realistically challenge him for the title of the worlds best player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has lived with the label of 'choke artist' for years. Despite scoring in the Champions league final and in all the big matches so far this season. So the question falls - what the hell happened to Messi against Chelsea? What happened to him in the last Copa America final? Where was he during Argentina's 6-1 humiliation at the hands of Bolivia recently? Perhaps he is a choke artist afterall, because it seems that when the tough gets going - Messi goes - literally.

This could all be speculation, and there is no bigger match then the one coming up against Manchester United in the final of the champions league. Perhaps there we will discover who the real choke artist is...


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Anonymous said...

Your theories on Messi are puerile at best and outright mental at worst.

The numbers don't lie. C. Ronaldo has one goal in league games against the other members of the Big 4 (Arsenal, LPool and Chelsea)...that being a penalty against the Reds. On the other foot, Messidonna systematically destroyed "Los Galacticos" on their home pitch only a couple of weeks after legendary Bayern Munich was reduced to rubble by the Atomic Flea.

True that he has not lived up to the high expectations with the Albiceleste but remember, the team was built upon Riquelme's lazy magic only until recently. Plus, what has Ronaldo done for the Portuguese national team other than help in the red-carding of his teammate Wayne Rooney in the 2006 WC.

Now for some more numbers, Messi is the leading scorer for Barcelona in all competitions, totalling 37 goals for the season, only five goals off from C. Ronaldo's tally in his freakish run last year. Now that, my friend, is the formula for a "Golden" season.