Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Manchester United's best team to play Porto?

Whatever happened in Manchester for the first leg must be forgotten. It was a poor result and an even poorer performance. Whatever happens, Manchester know that they can still qualify. Such is the number of quality players in the squad that it is hard to know who is the best, what one does know though is that players of late have not been performing. I do not want to point fingers but some players have not been performing such as Paul Scholes, John O'Shea and Darren Fletcher.

Of course one has to go for Van Der Sar, Vidic and Ferdinand to form the defense. Although I am completely sold on Jonny Evans - one cannot go against these three who between them have been more responsible for United's recent success then anyone else. Oh how Manchester miss Wes Brown, but I would just about put Rafael in there at right back to give the enthusiasm of youth. On the left, hopefully Evra can rediscover his form although I am at a loss as to why Fabio is not ever given a chance, he has done nothing wrong and has been scoring goals for fun in the reserves - something that isnt in Evra's repetoire.

Left wing - I shall say Park for his experience although I am tempted to say Anderson to ad bite. Carrick obviously is automatic as he is responsible for making the team tick. Along side him - Giggsy has it all. He is creative, fast, holds possesion and is very experienced to put it mildly. Obviously world player of the year Ronaldo,, who was specifically rested on the weekend, will play on the right.

Up front - why not try Macheda? At least he has been scoring. Perhaps the place will go to Berbatov but I would be tempted to give the lad a go. I cant understand why Macheda has jumped above Welbeck in the pecking order, I find it a little unfair as its not like he has done anything but play amazingly, it is not his fault that the press hasn't latched onto him because he wasn't plucked somewhat unfairly from Lazio youth. Of course Rooney has to play as he is the Talisman, and forms the dynamic duo with Ronaldo.

Whatever happens, the team is good enough to win, even though it may be in Portugal. If Manchester do not win then I am sure that Arsenal will beat Porto in the semi finals.

Van Der Sar

Rafael Ferdinand Vidic Evra

Ronaldo Carrick Giggs Park

Berbatov Rooney

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Honey come on what are you doing let's go


Rooney!! He's so great like a bull a force of nature.

Defense was good yesterday.