Friday, July 24, 2009


So despite the fact that Manchester United lost in the champions league final - it still seems that people still love them. In Korea so many people are trying to get near the players that the fans are charged just to watch them train. The striker Berbatov likened playing for Manchester United to being in the Beatles. It seems that no longer are football players the working mans heroes but they are athletes who are hidden behind closed doors and protected for their own protection.

What do they do? Who are they? Well I have read a few of their autobiographies and it seems as though the modern day footballer just relaxes at home and in the words of Wayne Rooney 'watches DVD's'. This is of course when they are not on official functions, but when they are it is not really possible for the fan to get close to their heroes, other then perhaps the odd autograph.

But what is it that Wayne Rooney is really thinking? What does he think about Cristiano Ronaldo going to Madrid. Well I know. And I know because of Twitter. With twitter one can follow people, for example millions of people follow Ashton Kutcher and his life with Demi Moore. They say that Twitter helped Barack Obama get elected through simply updating what people are doing when they want to.

My twitter account is a homage to sportsmen of all walks of life. Whenever Gerrard, Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Andy Murray, Ronaldo want to share something that they are feeling - I am there to get the message. I know that Wayne Rooney has been in contact with Ronaldo since, and that he has faith in Sir Alex, and he's enjoying training etc etc etc.

I also followed Andy Murray during Wimbledon and he was talking of his preparations and how he was going to go to sleep and what he was eating, when he was going on jogs, even when he was pranking around. Sadly he didn't get to the final and his 'tweets' were significantly reduced by his dissapointment, but in some ways it was interesting to hear what someone who seemingly has zero personality gets up to.

Perhaps this is useless information, but twitter also gives you a chance to message these people. Its not like Steven Gerrard gives out his email address to people, not even those kids whose bedrooms are a shrine to Liverpool (god forgive their souls). But the kids can have a chance to email them with Twitter. There is even a chance that the athletes will email them back, especially if they email them enough.

I was desperate that Andy Murray should drink coconut water, I twittered him throughout Wimbledon, sadly I don't think that he got the message and he couldn't deal with Roddick either.

Infact I think that there is going to be a rorys sports twitter.

Love you all


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JanieCody said...

Do you think that city will finish higher than united this season?