Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whats happened to Blackburn of late?

They didnt get off to too bad of a start in the English Premier League however they have seriously fallen off the pace. Obviously their manager has moved on to greener pastures, Santa Cruz was injured and they lost Bentley.

My personal opinion though is that vis a vis my article on which countries produce good player - they lost Friedel. Everyone needs a great keeper and they have Paul Robinson who hardly inspires confidence.

Look at what has happene to Aston Villa since the American moved to their club - they are probably (quote me on that) going to finish in the top 4!

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Hugh said...

I read with interest your article on the demise of Blackburn this season. Prehaps its mainly to do with the very English habit of installing a promising young new manager (especially famous ex player) who needs to get a good few years managing in the lower leagues under his belt before a job in the top flight. We promote mangers to soon then knock them when they dont suceed and their careers are all but over before they have properly started. This happens less on the continent.
PS You dont knoiw what the f*ck your talking about. You were shit at sport anyway. Thank you